Luxury Wedding Car hire in melbourne

There’s possibly nothing more special than waking up on that magical day to get ready for the lifetime of memories and fun ahead of you and your newlywed partner. We at Prestige Hire Car Group understand the importance of your big day and how crucial of a role reliable transportation can play in making your big day a dream come true. We offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles to choose from on your special day and can even customize certain aspects of your desired transport vehicle to include wine, roses, bows or any other items you may want to surprise your newlywed partner with. Our staff will make preparations for your wedding car to ensure the safe, clean, and successful transport of you and your loved one. We take the security and safety of our clientele very seriously here at Prestige Hire Car Group. From pick-up to drop-off we train our staff rigorously to ensure that they are able to meet the quality of service we expect each of our clients to receive.

We will take care of you and your precious guests on that special day with full VIP treatment and the highest level of respect. You can rest easy knowing that Prestige Hire Car Group provides industry leading chauffeur services for all of your wedding day needs. We clean all of our vehicles routinely to prevent potential diseases or infection cause by unsanitary conditions and take the utmost pride in the quality of service we provide at all times.

We have wedding car options available for single or couple transport as well as guest dedicated vehicles. You’ve already stressed yourself out planning, preparing, and making arrangements for your big day and it’s finally here, don’t cause yourself anymore fatigue and let Prestige Hire Car Group be the icing on the cake for all of your wedding car needs.