Winery Tours, Tours & Sports Tours

If you want to take a tour of Melbourne or attend one of the highly renowned sporting events Prestige Hire Car Group offers comprehensive transport and transfer services that treats client safety and comfort as the number one priority. Our extensive fleet of luxury vehicles cater to those who wish to exude confidence and style whenever they arrive to any of their scheduled events or even if they are just touring the beautiful landscape. All of our vehicles undergo routinely scheduled maintenance and cleaning practices to ensure the safety and quality of our clients’ experience at all times. We take pride in how we represent ourselves and ensure that every single member of our staff and chauffeuring team are highly adept at how to handle each clients’ specific request.

We train our chauffeurs to provide top of line security during any potentially hazardous situation that may arise during transport or transfer situations. You can arrive to your event without any worries along the journey every time you choose Prestige Hire Car Group as your designated transfer service provider.

We offer a really great selection of popular attractions in the city of Melbourne alongside some tours that include stops as some of the best wineries in Australia. Our dedicated tour vehicles are selected to provide you and your company with the ultimate luxury experience. We offer VIP treatment that tops that of many competitors. If you’re in town and want to get in on some of the action that live sports provide Prestige Hire Car Group has the best access to exclusive sporting events and luxury vehicles to safely and reliably transfer you and your guests to and from the sporting arena or venue of your choice. We can make custom arrangements for any request you may possibly have so feel free to contact us and we can discuss the details of your event today.