Business Transfer Melbourne – How to Cater To the Needs of the Business Traveller

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Business Transfer Melbourne – How to Cater To the Needs of the Business Traveller


Business travellers have discriminating tastes. They have certain standards and a level of service they expect from a business transfer Melbourne service. If you are going to cater to their discerning needs, as an executive car hire service, you are going to have to up your game considerably. The great thing is there is a lot of business to be had for those that go the extra mile. As the business world becomes more globalized there is going to be a lot of business executives travelling abroad to scout for new opportunities and to meet with existing customers.

Function and Value over Trims

At Prestige Hire Car, we have many years of chauffeured car service experience behind, having transported many travelling business executives. And if there is anything we have learned it is that business travellers have special needs that must be met.

Yes, trims like a good stereo system are not bad, and can be appreciated by some business travellers. But, above all else, business travellers are looking for a functional work space with matching comfort. The service itself does not have to be cheap. It needs to have value.

As people who are used to evaluating business costs, travelling business executives are probably some of the best judges of value in the travel market. They will have the means to pay for the right quality of service but will be particularly picky about the quality of hire car service they will eventually choose to give their business to.

As a business traveller, we know you are not just travelling. You are travelling for work, which means you are working all the time you are in our executive hire cars. And as important company executives you have levels of comfort, service, and convenience you have come to expect as givens.

Your organizations know your worth to them and they work hard to make sure you have all you need to work at your best. And so it should be with the business transfer Melbourne service you choose when you travel.

Chauffeurs As Executive Assistants

The standard car hire chauffeur does a lot of things in service of the people they drive every day. Yet, when transporting a business executive they are expected to do a bit more. Sure, they are expected to be courteous and know their way around a city. But beyond that, they have to bridge the gap and try, as much as is reasonably possible, to make the business executive feel as if they were in their usual office.

Back at their office the business executive will have an assistant. Someone to take their calls, buy their coffee and lunch, schedule their meetings, and take notes. The chauffeur won’t be expected to do all these things. But they would be expected to know where to buy good coffee, good quality mobile phones and accessories, and which shops sell the best quality formal clothing. The business executive may need these while they are on their travels. And it’s not like they can call on the expertise of their assistant who is 2,000 km away.

A good business transfer Melbourne service will know that business travellers will need to take calls on the go. For that they will need privacy and as little noise as possible. The chauffeur will thus need to be considerate and use routes that are quieter and have smoother, free flowing traffic.

The business executive may need to discuss confidential company information over the phone and will need to feel that the chauffeur will be discreet. If their cell phone dies on them the business traveller expects the chauffeur to know where to go to buy another before the client misses any important calls.

The Hire Car as a Mini Office

There is no beating around the bush with this one. A modern business transfer Melbourne service needs to have a car of exacting quality standards. The car does not have to be particularly luxurious. But it will need to be comfortable, to have enough legroom, and proper air conditioning. The seats will need to be leather covered or at least upholstered in a good fabric. They will need to have arm rests. Much like the business class flight the executive used when they flew into the city.

But all that is just for the client’s comfort, which any other traveller may expect. This particular client however is travelling for work, meaning they will be working while in the car. They probably have too much work to do in the little time they are in the city to be only working from their hotel room.

And since they will spending a considerable amount of time on the move, they may as well use that time to return some emails and get some feedback from clients, or colleagues and subordinates back at the office.

A business transfer Melbourne service worthy of such high end custom will know to ensure the executive car has Wi-Fi on board. The business executive will not expect to be using the local mobile phone carrier whose reliability they are unsure of. The calls they will making and the emails they will be sending are far too important to be delayed by poor broadband. Good cellphone charging ports are also not bad trims to have in the car. Anything to make the business executive’s life easier.

Compared to the rates business travellers are prepared to pay for a good business transfer hire Melbourne, there is no reason car hire firms can’t invest in good quality hire cars and trims. And it is not like these trims will cost a lot.

Often all it takes is a well researched buyer persona, which informs the hire car firm of their target business traveler’s special needs. Targeted investments, in the right trims and service quality, will pay off many times over as each business traveller will most likely use the service every other time they are in the city.

Prestige Car Hire operates a fleet of chauffeur driven luxury cars in Melbourne. From the more compact sedans, business class town cars, to the larger limousines and vans, we have a car for every need and occasion. Call our business transfer Melbourne sales team today and book your hire.