Travel in style to your conferences and business meetings

The complete and successful transfer of your entire staffing, management or executive team to any of your scheduled conferences or meetings is critical when trying to maintain a clean business profile. We at Prestige Hire Car Group understand this wholeheartedly and take the initiative to provide the best possible service at all times. The safety of our clients always comes first when dealing with any transfer situation and we make sure that our chauffeur staff meets our strict expectations for proper client handling and transfer protocols on a consistent basis. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading transfer services for all of your business related matters. We have a large fleet of dedicated vehicles that make the perfect transport option for any meeting or conference situation. You can be confident knowing that we will always arrive to your scheduled transfers on time and treat you with the utmost curtsey and consideration. Our team of dedicated and highly trained chauffeurs really makes strides to personalize each of our clients’ experiences and provide a superior level of customer service.

We own some of the highest quality luxury vehicles to meet any of your business needs. Our extensive staff is always ready to service any of your needs on a consistent basis. We have dedicated teams that make detailed arrangements for any particularly high profile guest that may attend your meeting or conference and ensure the safe and reliable transport of any of your guests.

Feel confident in the services provided over at Prestige Hire Car Group knowing that we expertly train our staff on the best and most effective ways to perform a successful transport. We have experience working with a wide array of clients across several industries, and provide industry leading services that keep customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.