Airport Transfers Melbourne – How To Choose The Right Service, And The Benefits

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Corporate transfers Melbourne – 7 Tips To Make The Best Out Of Your Business Trip
February 23, 2017

Airport Transfers Melbourne – How To Choose The Right Service, And The Benefits


Finally, it is holiday season. You have chosen the beautiful city of Melbourne for your much deserved vacation. Congratulations on a great choice, Marvelous Melbourne has many attractions that we are sure you will enjoy. You have booked your flight and hotel accommodation. You even have a detailed itinerary with all the places you will be visiting once you are in the city. But wait, have you booked your Airport Transfers Melbourne?

It‘s an easy mistake to make, but a potentially costly one at that. Using the wrong airport transfers Melbourne service can ruin a vacation you have worked hard to plan and save for. If it were up to us you would not leave it to the last minute. You would book it just as you would your flight; before you have even left your city. Not to scare you but this is what could happen if you used the first taxi that pitched up after you land;

● You can get overcharged

It’s an unfamiliar city. You are not familiar how much it should cost for the transfer to your hotel, which may not be very far from the airport. You also don’t want to stand there and start negotiating the fare while other travellers are hoping on to their pre-arranged transport. So you just hop on and hope the driver does not overcharge you. Big mistake! Because if he picks that you are new to the city the temptation to overcharge you may too great to resist.

● You can lose your luggage

God forbid, this is not how we should envisage anyone starting their vacation. But this has been known to happen. Not every taxi driver who plies our wonderful city’s roads will have honorable intentions. Some may not even try to harm you and others may just be careless with customers’ luggage. Others may even steal some of your luggage. And upon getting to the hotel, trying to see if your pricey camera survived the journey, only to find it is missing is not a great feeling.

How To Choose The Best Airport Transfers Melbourne

Now, we know you value your safety and will want to make sure you book your Airport Transfers Melbourne in advance. The challenge is there are too many airport transfer services out there, most of them claiming to be the best. But you know that’s just a way to attract your business. How do you make sure you choose the right one?

● Research your options.

A simple Google search should give you a few good options to put into a short list. Browse each website to see if is professionally designed and has all the requirements of a good website. These include a detailed ‘about us’ page that recounts the history of the company and what motivated them start the business, home and services pages that clearly state and expand on what they do, and a ‘contact us’ page with all the necessary contact information.

Again a good car hire service’s website will have a blog section where the business regularly publishes articles that educates current and potential customers. A professional, regularly updated website with valuable content to share shows this is a serious business whose services will also be just as good. Choose the best one out of the shortlist.

● Check their reputation

A car hire service with a proud service record will publish testimonials from satisfied customers on their website. But be careful, the testimonials must show the customers’ faces, their full name, and probably the name of their company if they are a business traveller. You can look up the customer’s name on social media and try to chat them up. Ask them about their experience with the car hire company, just to make sure the testimonial is not fake.

● Read online reviews

If you are not comfortable chatting to strangers you could browse online forums where travellers post reviews. The reviews you will find there are mostly unsolicited, which means they will feature honest accounts of travel experiences as well as recommendations. There are even reputable travel rating agencies and sites, like, whose reviews you can trust to be credible. Those can point you towards the right airport transfer Melbourne services.

Benefits of Booking The Right Airport Transfer Service, In Advance

At Prestige Hire Car we always try our best to make sure your trip is pleasurable. You will spend just a few minutes of your entire vacation in our Airport Transfers Melbourne cars. But we have been in this business too long to know those few minutes can have a tremendous impact on the vacation itself. Since we give you your first proper ‘welcome to Melbourne’ greeting, we want it to be memorable.

There are many benefits to choosing the right airport transfers Melbourne service. Here are a few that we have heard our customers remark at.

● Convenience

Nothing beats the peace of mind that you get from knowing your whole trip, up to your return journey, is planned in full. You know a chauffeur who knows what they are doing is waiting to receive you and take you to your hotel, even before you land. All you have to do is show up and identify yourself and he will direct you to a waiting car. This is organized travel and every traveller must enjoy it.

● Eliminates unexpected expenditure

Booking everything in advance, with just a small allowance for snacks and eventualities, will help you prepare a better budget. Travelling without an idea how much you will spend on your trip will set you up for headaches that will spoil your trip. When you book your flight, Airport Transfers Melbourne, hotel accommodation, and other services you may need on your trip you will remove room for unexpected expenses.

● Guarantees comfort

Taking time to book your airport transfer in advance ensures you have chosen the right car hire company. A company with trained chauffeurs and quality vehicles! That gives you a guarantee that the ride itself will be comfortable. You know the car is unlikely to break down on the way and expose you to muggings. It guarantees predictability of service. And there is no better way to travel than that.

Prestige Car Hire operates a fleet of chauffeur driven luxury cars in Melbourne. From the more compact sedans, business class town cars, to the larger limousines and vans, we have a car for every need and occasion. Call our Airport Transfers Melbourne sales team today and book your hire.