Corporate transfers Melbourne – 7 Tips To Make The Best Out Of Your Business Trip

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February 22, 2017
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Corporate transfers Melbourne – 7 Tips To Make The Best Out Of Your Business Trip

Corporate Transfer Melbourne

Travelling for business conjures different feelings in people. Some enjoy travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people, and always look forward to new trips. Some, however, find the planning, the jet leg, and the confusion of mingling with people speaking strange languages all too exhausting.

At Prestige Car hire we empathize with all those business executives who are not as enthusiastic about travel. We totally get you. And believe we have some wisdom, gained from years of service with our corporate transfers Melbourne service, that we feel will help you make the best out of your next visit to our wonderful city of Melbourne. Or any other city for that matter.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Too much has been written about the importance of planning. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ has become a tired statement that no longer holds any force. But it perhaps has not been said enough in relation to business travel. It is that important. Very rarely are business trips just sprung up on people. It does happen, but those are exceptional cases.

Most times an executive knows ahead of time they will be travelling to another city in a week, two, or three weeks’ time. Even if you have just a few days to plan, those two or three days are enough time to book your flight, your hotel, and your corporate transfers Melbourne service.

Research Your Destination

You are unlikely to not feel a curiosity to find out a bit more about the city you are travelling to. Precisely because there is a lot to a destination than what you may already know. Chances are you are planning a trip to Beijing. It will portray you in good light to your hosts if you can at least say your greeting in Mandarin. They will know you have put an effort into this trip and will help you connect on a deeper level.

You can also research about restaurants where the wait staff speak some English or serve an Australian cuisine. Should you be visiting our city you may want to do a google search for ‘the best corporate transfers Melbourne’. Seeing you will want a comfortable hotel to stay in during your stay, you will want to research what the best hotels for traveling corporates in Melbourne are.

Pack Your Bag In Time

You must never discount the importance of packing your travel bag in time. Generally packing your bag just before you travel is a bad idea. There is always a risk you will leave behind your trusty watch, smartphone, lucky pen, favorite shirt, or those comfortable brogues you love so much. It is a good idea to write down everything you will need for your trip into a checklist.

To make sure you don’t leave out something important break your trip into parts and list the things you will need for each. You could have the flight itself, your meeting with the marketing manager, the meeting with the your host company’s CEO, and even the meetings with the prospective clients you hope to meet there. Don’t forget to list what you will need when you tour the local sights, like your camera, should you find the time.

Book Your Hired Car In Advance

You are probably thinking we just had to sneak this one in, being a hire car Melbourne business. But this is something you will want to do. You certainly don’t want use any hired car when in a unfamiliar city. There are many dodgy operators who will spoil your stay before it has even begun.

Even if you will only be hiring an airport shuttle service, you will want to be sure you will be using a reputable operator. Do your research and make your corporate transfers Melbourne booking before you have even left your home. It will save you a lot of time, headaches, and money.

Keep Your Communication Channels Open

You have landed in Melbourne and are already into your itinerary! It is easy to get caught up in the sights and marathon meetings and forget to stay reachable. The country you are visiting may have its own unique communication challenges. Quickly find out the best ways to stay reachable, including the mobile operator you will be using.

If you are roaming, find out if your network’s roaming partner in that country has a decent broadband service. Good broadband allows you to keep all your communication channels, including email, social media, and instant messaging, open. If their service isn’t that great, buy another sim card upon landing.

With more communication channels open, your family has more ways to check up on you and your colleagues back at head office have a way of keeping up to date with the progress you are making with your meetings

Work On The Go

Most hire car services these days, like our corporate transfers Melbourne, have wifi on board. Not only do this give you reliable broadband to check your messages, it will allow you to actually do some work while you are travelling between meetings. This is important as you are unlikely going to have enough time to catch up with your regular duties as most of your time will be spent meeting with clients.

You can log into your company’s CRM dashboard and upload new customer data gleaned from your meetings. You can check up with your other clients and send instructions to your team back at the office. And you can even log into to your project management platform to check up on the progress of your other projects. You can do all this from the comfort of your hired corporate transfer car, while on the move.

Find Time To Unwind

Finally, since you may never get another chance to visit the city again, it will be such a shame if you left without sampling the local attractions and landmarks. This will be a great way to unwind after a draining few days of meetings and presentations.

In Melbourne, you could catch a relaxing ferry ride down the Yarra River, watch a game of cricket at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, or ask your corporate transfers Melbourne chauffeur to take you to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a therapeutic walk through nature reserve.
Prestige Car Hire operates a fleet of chauffeur driven luxury cars in Melbourne. Our executive sedans have all the trims and comforts of a mobile office. Call our Corporate Transfers Melbourne sales team today and book your hire.