Hire Affordable Airport Transfers In Melbourne

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August 10, 2016
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Hire Affordable Airport Transfers In Melbourne


There is a reason why people choose a car hire service over, for example, hailing a taxi. And contrary to what many may think, the reasons are far more evolved than the luxury cars that mark most car hire services. Sure, nobody will choose a run down, uncomfortable car with a failing air conditioning system and an outmoded sound system over its newer, latest model.

But the car may only get the customer interested. It may even get them to make a booking. Yet to build a sustainable business the customer needs to book the service again, and again. Repeat business and customer loyalty is what separates profitable car hire services from those that barely keep their heads above the water.

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

To agitate the argument further, different customer needs come with equally different expectations, even if the car remains the same luxury model. A business executive visiting Melbourne on business will not expect the same service trims as friends out on a wine tour.

A good car hire service must first be affordable. Afterwards it must deliver packaged experiences for its different customers. It can’t be a ‘one size fits all.’ The service and customer experience must be fitting for business conference transport, airport transfers, luxury wedding transportation, wine tours, special events transportation etc.

The chauffeurs on these services must be knowledgeable about what the client expectations are and know how to deliver on them. A chauffeur on a wine tour must know about wine and the best routes, including which winery serves the best lunch and who arranges the best wine tasting.

Convenience Must be a given

When a business executive books a car hire service for the day, or a couple of hours, it’s pretty clear he is not looking to be entertained. While a chatty chauffeur will be great for a group of friends bar hopping around Melbourne, he can prove an annoyance for a business executive who may want to be making calls and teleconferencing on the road.

This executive wants a comfortable and convenient car hire service over one that is just affordable. After all, he is working and the company can afford the expense.

This is a person used to working in a comfortable office with a perfect air conditioning system. So comfort, though it does not need to be over the top, is an absolute must. The seats must have quality leather upholstery and armrests. As much as possible, and within reason, the car must imitate a modern executive office in all its conveniences and comforts.

Speaking of the modern office, a modern corporate transfer service now needs Wi-Fi as a standard trim. Frankly, a corporate transfer service without Wi-Fi will struggle to attract business. Business executives are always in touch with colleagues and subordinates through instant messaging and other online platforms. Without proper broadband a client may not have an excuse for hiring XYZ Car Hire.

Make it Memorable

A corporate executive booking a car hire service will probably not remember the experience for very long, unless the experience was particularly awful. The simple reason being that he has probably done this countless times and will hire a similar service many times more in future. If his experience with this car hire company has been good, then chances he will give it a ring the next time he is in the city.

However, the expectation changes immediately when the people hiring the service are a wedding couple. These people are not expecting to wed again, unless they don’t live happily together afterwards. So a luxury wedding transportation service must pull out all the stops and make the day truly memorable. A super clean luxury limousine, champagne on board, immaculately kitted chauffeur, rose petals etc. Every little detail must be planned to the tee.

The wedding couple may not book the service again despite the day having been a truly memorable experience. But the groom, who is a corporate executive at a big company, may use the company on his next business outing or recommend it to his peers on their next visit to Melbourne.

The couple themselves, who are wine connoisseurs, may book the company’s services on their next wine tour. And you can bet the bride is going to gush to her friends how amazing the limousine service was. One of her friends or someone they know may be planning a wedding soon.

Sometimes a Client just Wants Swift service

There is nothing as irritating as a slow and uncomfortable airport transfer service. At the end of a tiring long haul flight, marked by a couple of stops to connect flights on the way, one wants to get home or their hotel as quickly as possible. They may want to shower and grab a quick nap before they must be at an important meeting.

The car must be there when the plane touches down so that, as soon as the person makes it through customs and immigration, they will swiftly be on their way. The driver must be courteous but, above all, conscientious and quick. He must know the city well, including which routes in Melbourne are clogged with traffic at what times of day, so the customer does not have to spend too much time on the way. They have already had to deal with queues and delays on the flight.

It will also help if the car is comfortable. As a traveller, who flew business class coming in, you will not expect to be transferred from the airport in a car that’s too small, without enough legroom and proper air conditioning.

Also, without expecting exotic food or expensive wine, but, after being pampered on the flight, you will expect the chauffeur to be courteous and at least have some mineral water on board. This client does not expect to spend a lot of time on the airport transfer itself. His experience will be great if he gets home or his hotel in the quickest and most comfortable manner.

A Good Car Hire Crafts an Accurate Buyer Persona

A good car hire service will have a near perfect picture of their ideal customer, for every service they offer. When they have profiled each customer well, they will know what questions to ask when you call in to make an inquiry.

You should get the picture that they already know what you expect from the service. And, of course, they must deliver on that promise after you have made the booking. They will need to, because a good business must not always be looking for new clients. It must be busy serving old ones.

Prestige Car Hire has been delivering affordable and exceptional customer experiences in Melbourne since its founding. The company operates a well maintained fleet of later model luxury vehicles that are driven by competent chauffeurs who are always ready to go the extra mile for the client. Call and let us know what we must do for you today.

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